Edit this page to add your own public wiki features requested that would ease the mission:

  • to track all changes made to
    • every page change is stored in an ordinary mediawiki revision control / page history log as if mediawiki were used as a CMS originally
  • to allow the public to directly comment on the pages themselves in the discussion section
    • simplify the talk page protocol with web forms that make it very simple to add a comment at the end of a given section, but still allow the embedded point-by-point response style that works so well at Wikipedia for those who have mastered it
  • to allow the public to ADD additional documentation
    • triage this documentation as personal comment, quote from whoever, citation from official source, and make it easy to filter out less reliable or trusted evidence/source/authority at least in a printed or emailed copy of the annotations
    • structure debate as an issue/position/argument tree so that it doesn't become a list of many overly complex overlapping positions
  • to create permalinks so that people could safely cite wording on on a paragraph level on a specific date
    • make it easy to link directly to old versions of wiki pages that reliably captured the text as of that date;
      • ideally, links to specific pages automatically inferred based on the date of creation of the referring page (if available) or semantic tags - using semantic mediawiki conventions
    • simplify the URLs used to refer to specific sections of specific documents and perhaps even assign them ISBN or LoC numbers

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