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the_press_office_Geithner-Summers-Convene-Official-Designees-to-Presidential-Task-Force-on-the-Auto-Industry File:Default-hdr-emblem.gif

the_press_office_Geithner-Summers-Convene-Official-Designees-to-Presidential-Task-Force-on-the-Auto-Industry Geithner, Summers Convene Official Designees to Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry

WASHINGTON - Today, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and National Economic Council (NEC) Director Larry Summers convened official designees to the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry to discuss recently submitted restructuring plans from Chrysler LLC and General Motors Corporation.

the_press_office_President-Obama-Selects-Top-Rural-Health-Care-Advocate-to-Oversee-Key-HHS-Agency File:Default-hdr-emblem.gif

the_press_office_President-Obama-Selects-Top-Rural-Health-Care-Advocate-to-Oversee-Key-HHS-Agency President Obama Selects Top Rural Health Care Advocate to Oversee Key HHS Agency

President Obama today announced the appointment of one of the nation's top rural health care professionals as Administrator of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Dr. Mary Wakefield, Director of the Center for Rural Health at the University of North Dakota, will oversee this critical agency, which helps to deliver health care to those who are uninsured and underserved by our current health care system.

the_press_office_White-House-Announces-2009-Governors-Dinner File:Default-hdr-emblem.gif

the_press_office_White-House-Announces-2009-Governors-Dinner White House Announces 2009 Governors' Dinner

The White House announced today that the President and First Lady will welcome the National Governors Association to the White House on Sunday, February 22nd for the 2009 Governors' Dinner. The evening will feature performances by the Marine Corps band and music legends Earth Wind and Fire.

the_press_office_President-Obama-and-Prime-Minister-Harper-vow-joint-effort-on-North-American-economic-recovery File:Default-hdr-emblem.gif

the_press_office_President-Obama-and-Prime-Minister-Harper-vow-joint-effort-on-North-American-economic-recovery President Obama and Prime Minister Harper vow joint effort on North American economic recovery

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper today agreed the United States and Canada will pursue economic recovery measures and efforts to strengthen the international financial system to counter the global economic recession.

the_press_office_President-Barack-Obama-Announces-Key-White-House-Posts File:Default-hdr-emblem.gif

the_press_office_President-Barack-Obama-Announces-Key-White-House-Posts President Barack Obama Announces Key White House Posts

WASHINGTON, D.C. Today, President Barack Obama announced the following White House posts: Adolfo Carrion, White House Director of Urban Affairs and Derek Douglas, Special Assistant to the President for Urban Affairs.

the_press_office_National-Security-Advisor-General-Jones-to-Travel-to-Miami-to-Meet-with-King-Juan-Carlos-I-of-Spain File:Default-hdr-emblem.gif

the_press_office_National-Security-Advisor-General-Jones-to-Travel-to-Miami-to-Meet-with-King-Juan-Carlos-I-of-Spain National Security Advisor General Jones to Travel to Miami to Meet with King Juan Carlos I of Spain

Following his telephone conversation with King Juan Carlos I of Spain on February 13th, the President has asked National Security Advisor General James Jones to travel to Miami on Friday, February 20, to meet the King and join him in participating in the Spain-Florida Economic Development Symposium.

the_press_office_Interview-of-the-President-by-CBC-2_17_09 File:Default-hdr-emblem.gif

the_press_office_Interview-of-the-President-by-CBC-2_17_09 Interview of the President by CBC, 2/17/09

the_press_office_President-Obama-Signs-Oklahoma-Missouri-and-Tennessee-Major-Disaster-Declarations File:Default-hdr-emblem.gif

the_press_office_President-Obama-Signs-Oklahoma-Missouri-and-Tennessee-Major-Disaster-Declarations President Obama Signs Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee Major Disaster Declarations

The President today declared major disasters exist in the States of Oklahoma, Tennessee and Missouri and ordered Federal aid to supplement State and local recovery efforts in the areas struck by severe winter storms in Oklahoma and Missouri during the period of January 26-28, 2009, and by winter storms and flooding in Tennessee during the period of January 27-31, 2009.

the_press_office_White-House-Releases-State-by-State-Numbers-American-Recovery-and-Reinvestment-Act-to-Save-or-Create-35-Million-Jobs File:Default-hdr-emblem.gif

the_press_office_White-House-Releases-State-by-State-Numbers-American-Recovery-and-Reinvestment-Act-to-Save-or-Create-35-Million-Jobs White House Releases State by State Numbers; American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to Save or Create 3.5 Million Jobs

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The White House today released state-specific details on the local impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is a nationwide effort to create jobs, jumpstart growth and transform our economy to compete in the 21st century.

the_press_office_Readout-on-the-Presidents-Call-to-Turkish-President-Gul-and-Prime-Minister-Erdogan File:Default-hdr-emblem.gif

the_press_office_Readout-on-the-Presidents-Call-to-Turkish-President-Gul-and-Prime-Minister-Erdogan Readout on the President's Call to Turkish President Gul and Prime Minister Erdogan

Earlier today, President Obama had warm and productive phone conversations with Turkish President Gul and Prime Minister Erdogan. Both discussions were wide-ranging.

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