Thursday, February 12th, 2009 at 9:47 am

Apply for a job

We're happy to announce that the jobs application feature is now live on The Jobs Application feature enables people everywhere to apply to be considered for a political appointment in President Obama's Administration. You can get to it by clicking on https:__app2.whitehouse.gov_ppo the "Jobs" link at the very bottom of each of the pages on

That link will take you to a page which tells you a little bit more about the application process, with a a button at the bottom marked, "Begin Application Form." That's where you fill out your information, upload a resume, and tell us what kinds of positions you're interested in. But a quick heads up - you have to complete the application in one session, and it's going to take you about 15 minutes to do it. So before you start, you might want to print the https:__app2.whitehouse.gov_ppo_paper_app_Presidential_Appointments_Application.pdf Paper Application , gather up the information you'll need, then sign back in.

We're looking to fill several thousand politically appointed positions in the Executive Branch. We're already interviewing for many of the upper level positions, but will be reviewing applications and making decisions on appointments over the next few months. Remember, the jobs application is just for politically appointed positions in the Executive Branch of the government. These are positions that serve at the pleasure of the President and so are by definition temporary, not permanent. We have received more than 350,000 applications to date for several thousand positions; the selection process is very competitive and rigorous. For more information on these types of appointments, click on the Executive Branch link on the "Our Government" page of, or check out the Plum Book. (We also encourage you to look at the many thousands of permanent career positions with the government. Go to for more information and to fill out an application.)

If you already submitted an application to, you don't need to submit a new one. All applications from have been brought into the White House applicant database and are currently being used to search for candidates.

A number of people have asked whether they can update an application. If you want to modify an application you submitted to or, you will need to submit a brand new application to The security requirements of the White House technology environment will not permit applicants to retrieve and modify already-submitted applications.

If you have skills and a desire for public service, check out the https:__app2.whitehouse.gov_ppo jobs page (political positions) or (career positions) and tell us about yourself.

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