Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 at 4:25 pm

Signed, sealed, delivered: ARRA

The economic recovery package is essential for our nation's economy, for its infrastructure, and for our energy, health, and education needs -- and now it's the law.

After months of planning and weeks of negotiation, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act today in Denver, CO.

"What I am signing is a balanced plan with a mix of tax cuts and investments. It is a plan that's been put together without earmarks or the usual pork barrel spending. And it is a plan that will be implemented with an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability," President Obama said before signing the bill into law. "And we expect you, the American people, to hold us accountable for the results. That is why we have created - so every American can go online and see how their money is being spent."

That site,, is now live. You can go there to see projections -- based on language in the legislation -- of where your money will go, broken down state-by-state. And over the coming weeks and months, as the funds start to go out, you'll be able to see far more detailed information.

It's just the beginning of a long process, of course -- on Air Force One today, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs called it "a strong start towards economic viability."

"Our American story is not -- and has never been -- about things coming easy," the President said in his remarks at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. "It's about rising to the moment when the moment is hard, converting crisis into opportunity, and seeing to it that we emerge from whatever trials we face stronger than we were before."

Before the signing, President Obama toured the museum's solar panel installation.

Read the President's and Vice President's full remarks.

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